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LPM Agent was born from the Heart of a Real Estate Professional who recognised the need for more and so went out to create it!


We are a training and mentoring business designed for Leaders in the Real Estate Industry. Whether you are a Director, Manager or Team Leader this applies to you!


As a branch from this service LPM Agent is also a coaching and mentoring business. It is our intention to serve and assist any of your team members from the front face of business in reception, to the property management division and your sales team. 


Our founder Kylie Swift is also an independent Real Estate Agent in Northern NSW who is dedicated to both personal and professional success. Her bespoke business keeps her in-touch with the vocation she loves whilst allowing her the time required to commit to growth and contribution. 


We cut straight to the chase to ascertain what you require and tailor a proposal to meet your needs. The sooner you start, the sooner we can address the effects of old models and shift your culture and revenue to a whole new level.

L - Leadership

“Leadership is taking responsibility, not making excuses.”

– Mitt Romney



Sometimes we learn a certain way of being and doing and because there is a pay-off, we then create a habit. We make convenient assumptions that if it works for me now, then it must be the way and the beliefs we have formed become hardened facts. We then proceed to pass on these ways of thinking and being, often without question. Without mindfulness and full responsibility for our choices both personally and professionally, we may actually be living a life that isn’t of our own design. There is absolutely no denying that the models created generations ago are no longer serving the identities and needs of our current generation(s). There is a clear difference between a boss and a leader and like any challenge worth undertaking, there are certainly no short-cuts. 


Kylie has a genuine belief that anxiety, depression, disconnection, burn-out and even mid-life crisis can be a result of living a life against your own values. There is a life on the other side of your current way of being and she sees it as her mission to share some new concepts that may resonate with you. There is a way to create a life that your excited to live and in-turn create a business that attracts the type of people you want to work and play with. 


Let’s discuss


The Four Dimensions of Leadership

  • Environment 

  • Structure

  • Implementation

  • People


The Four Pillars of Business Success

  • Culture

  • Client Experience

  • Marketing

  • Innovations


Building WOW in the workplace

  • Providing feedback

  • Performance matters

  • Rules for an outstanding business

Your first 90 Days as a Leader

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P - Property

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well.”

– Eric Thomas


Real Estate can mean many things to many people. For some people it represents their certainty in life, its their safe place, their haven and their anchor to the past. For some people real estate is a place of celebration, family and life, the home has represented a stage or a season. To others real estate may be the end of an era, a relationship that has become unresolvable or even the finalisation of a Deceased Estate. For some, real estate is a creative outlet where value can be added, the home can be renovated and flipped. Real estate can also be viewed as land, bricks and mortar and a medium to grow wealth in the ever-fluctuating market conditions. 

As a dedicated Change Agent I find purpose and mission in listening and understanding your objectives. My service to you throughout your property journey is to ensure your needs are met and that I have added value beyond your expectations. We are always working towards financial freedom for you, my client. Your financial outcome is at the front of mind at all times. I also respect that elements such as timeframe, privacy, comfort and communication will mean different things for different clients. I trust our journey will be one of mutual respect and clear understanding.

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M - Mentorship

“Be honest, Be aware.

Own the patterns of your life or they own you.”

– Sharon Pearson



In a world that is highly competitive, often demanding and structured around calendars and clocks, its often easy to get caught up in the external expectations and roles that you have learnt to maintain. Our time, is your time, to step out of the play called life. Our confidential sessions are designed for you to reset and re-centre so you can continue all that you do with more purpose and clarity. Time to leave the pressures of the external world behind, if just for an hour, to go within and reconnect to your own truth. 


We can connect via zoom, facetime or by phone.


Who is Kylie Swift?

A little about Kylie…


LPM Agent was founded by Kylie Pearson (now Kylie Swift) in 2019 after 12 years as a Successful Real Estate Professional. 


As a Company owner and Director of her Real Estate Franchise Business Kylie was instrumental in facilitating growth and enjoyed training new agents and maintaining common values within the sales team she managed and grew. Both Kylie and the vast majority of her sales team were award winning agents at both State and National level. 

Her greatest strength was found in the people and maintained a burning fire of passion for both the industry standards and the professionals working within. 


It was after sharing her talents over the entire company in the role of General Manager that she moved her attention to the strengths and stretches observed in the model of business. To take an eagle eyes view of the entire picture started a domino effect in thinking. She realised that to build better businesses it started with the Leaders alongside a clear Vision and Plan. She found her answers in Sharon Pearson’s coaching institute and in particular the CAM Model and Disruptive Leadership Coaching within the institution. These proven models of success are at the heart of Kylies Leadership programmes. 


After resolving her financial interest in the business, she took a study break and immersed herself in this new learning environment that will continue as long as she breathes. In 2020 she opened an independent @realty real estate business allowing her the flexibility to integrate all business branches and offer each of her modalities LEADERSHIP – PROPERTY – MENTORSHIP the benefit of each other as they aren’t separate but one. 

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