LPM Agent stands for Leadership – Property – Mentorship.


This business was born from the heart of a real estate professional who recognised the need for more and so went out to create it!


After working her way up the corporate franchise ladder from personal assistant, sales professional, sales team leader, trainer, director, and general manager, she gained a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry.


This knowledge was instrumental for her next growth phase. 

Kylie’s acute awareness around culture and leadership deficiency in local business and real estate agencies became a core driver to fill the gaps. She has since become an ambassador/coach in business leadership. Her mission is to assist directors or managers to align themselves to their ideal outcome and give access to the tools required to get there. 

The decision to re-enter the real estate arena, independent, with the amazing support of @realty was to create a sales platform unseen in the traditional office. It is truly possible to live a life of values and be an exceptional sales professional at the same time.


Looking to sell or buy property in the Grafton Greater Region? If so, I would love to connect!


If you are looking for business guidance in regards to vision & mission, recruiting/retaining staff, culture, goal setting, marketing or self-management, I would be happy to offer an obligation free, confidential discussion to see if we are a match.

L - Leadership

“Leadership is taking responsibility, not making excuses.”

– Mitt Romney



If you look up the meaning of Leadership, it means ‘the action of leading a group of people or an organisation’. Basically, leadership is just the act of using whatever personal or professional skills you have at the time, to lead a group. 


To clarify, we are positioned to assist you to strengthen your leadership skills. Our job is to widen your awareness to your strengths and stretches. We can provide clarity to cultural issues. Our approach is to ultimately work with you to create the benchmarks and standards within your business that reflect where you want to be. As a result, we create a framework to attract the type of staff you want to work with. Together, we lean into raising the bar at both a personal and professional level. 



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The Four Dimensions of Leadership

  • Environment 

  • Structure

  • Implementation

  • People


The Four Pillars of Business Success

  • Culture

  • Client experience

  • Marketing success

  • Innovations


Building WOW in the workplace

  • Providing feedback

  • Managing the performance of the team

  • Rules for an outstanding business

Leading the team

  • Goal setting

  • Leadership styles & emotional intelligence

  • Your first 90 days as an emerging leader

  • Implementing change

Contact me now to discuss a complimentary needs analysis for your business or venture.


P - Property

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well.”

– Eric Thomas


If you have landed on this page, then perhaps you are researching agents.


Over the years I have listened to what is important to you, as a seller. I have not only asked the questions upfront, but I have also asked for your feedback at the end of your transaction. Ultimately, my aim is to not only meet your expectations but supersede them, in ways you had not thought possible. 


Trust is important to you. To assign an agent to handle one of your greatest financial transactions is not a decision that comes lightly. I know you want someone with dedication and accountability throughout the entire process. You want energy and maturity. You want to know you are in safe hands. This I can promise you, as every aspect of your real estate journey is handled or directly overseen by myself. My self-trust to deliver results has been solidified over 15 years in the industry and I look forward to transferring this to you.


Results are important to you. Certainty, comes from an agent’s track record and is the best indicator of future results. In close to 15 years of property sales I have sold hundreds of properties. I work to a proven method that shortens days on market, uncaps your properties price potential and is designed to give you confidence in your decisions.


 I am proud to say that my historic list to sell conversion sat close to 85%, my days on market averaging less than 45 days from list to exchange and sales per annum generally between 40-60 being an average of one sale per week. I have received numerous awards including Top 10 Agent Nationwide within the Elders network and many state awards alongside Principal awards. I now value quality over quantity. 


Strong and effective communication skills is an umbrella over vendor updates, vendor support, buyer management and negotiation. Be sure your agent listens as well as they speak. Effective communication is the cornerstone of real estate success. 


Commission rate is also a common question with new clients. I have a set success fee shared amongst all my clients and often great marketing incentives. With less overheads I can pass on the savings to you and, we may even have a little fun along the way.


Let’s discuss


Price Potential 

  • Are there any improvements needed to increase price?

  • When is the best time to sell?

  • What do you think its worth?



  • How do we ensure we stand out?

  • Where will it be advertised?

  • Does the agent or seller pay for marketing?



  • How long does it take before we can be on the market?

  • How long will it take to sell?

  • When will we have to be out?


Legal compliance

  • Do we contact a conveyancer or do you?

  • Do we need smoke alarms?

  • Do I need to do anything with the pool?

  • Are you a fully licensed agent or are you a certificate holder?



  • How often will we need to show the property?

  • Will you run open homes?

  • What do we need to do before inspections?


Agent comparison

  • What do you charge?

  • What type of experience have you had?

  • What advertising do you offer?

  • Will you be showing the home or your PA?

  • How do you provide the best value?


M - Mentorship

“Be honest, Be aware.

Own the patterns of your life or they own you.”

– Sharon Pearson



Whether you are a business owner unsure how to facilitate change, a real estate professional looking for impartial advice or a seller in the Grafton Greater Region wanting to discuss my @realty property services, please feel free to reach out. 


All of our conversations are obligation free and 100% confidential. 



Living Room Interior


I can’t thank Kylie enough for all that she did to help us buy our first home. Kylie was honest and reliable from the very beginning all the way through to the end. Kylie communicated with us through the whole process and made the experience less stressful. We could not of asked for a better sales agent, she is great Review submitted by Shakara Bender (buyer) on 30 Oct 2020

Living Room Interior


I highly recommend Kylie to anyone purchasing or selling a home. Kylie is amazing at what she does, her friendly approachable manner makes anyone feel at ease. Kylie is supportive, generous and goes above and beyond for an easy transition, alleviating all stress and pressure. Kylie exceeded my expectations, with a sale on the first day that my home went on the market, and kept me fully informed throughout the process. Kylie provided exceptional service end-to-end. With an enthusiastic personality and a beautiful smile, she knocked it right out of the ball park!!! Review submitted by Lisa Berry (vendor) on 20 Oct 2020

Living Room Interior


We had been looking for our dream home for months in this busy time, it was quiet difficult until we found Kylie Swift she was amazing and made it all a breeze! Very fast from the time we put an offer in and exchange of contract even better a quick settlement! Highly recommend Kylie!! Review submitted by Jess Hicks (Buyer) on 18 Nov 2020

Living Room Interior


Kylie has been so supportive during the lead up to the sale of our property, during the sale and after. She provided us with such sound advice. She has provided a service, that is both personal and professional. We are so appreciative.

Review submitted by Sam Osborne (Vendor) on 28 Nov 2020

Living Room Interior


Kylie Swift has been amazing to deal with during the sale of our Aunty’s home. Kylie is professional and very knowledgeable and has been great to work with. I would highly recommend Kylie to anyone who wants the best price with great service. Review submitted by Mr & Mrs Brooker (Vendor) on 19 Nov 2020

Who is Kylie Swift?

A little about Kylie…


Kylie Swift was born and raised in the Clarence Valley only ever moving away to complete a bachelor of health science in her early 20’s. You can say that Kylie is a true local. 


Married to a local police sergeant, Kylie and her husband have their roots established in the local community, raising their children and enjoying the valley and all it has to offer. As a business owner, parent, landlord and local, she has a well-rounded approach to the buyers and sellers of the 2460 postcode. 


Kylie left the busy corporate world in 2019 after working 6-7 days a week for as long as she could remember. Burn-out was the norm in her career and over time realised that the retainer structure offered to real estate agents was one of high financial return and of high stress. High speed turnover no longer reflected the values she held and so she widened her identity with further education and a smaller boutique property service focussed on quality over quantity. Her support within the @realty model of real estate allows her to focus on her strengths. 


Values based leadership and culture cleansing has been a passion of hers for many years and she enjoys mentoring businesses and individuals in these area’s when required. Her recent welcome to the Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee is based around her commitment to continued contribution.  


Let’s connect and see how I can assist you…